托尼 蒙大拿's 5 Fateful 失误 featured

Road to Ruin: 托尼 蒙大拿’s 5 Fateful Mistakes

托尼 蒙大拿's 5 Fateful 失误 featured

VHS复兴分析了古巴的衰败’s most iconic import

从政治难民到迈阿密大佬,在很短的时间内,世界才是真正的他,但是对于想要一切的人到底出了什么问题呢?顽强的蒙大拿州就在香蕉船旁边,但他没有’不要阻止他。他在这个世界上所拥有的只是他的话语和他的球,而他没有’t break them for no one. It was this kind of straight-shooting attitude that allowed 蒙大拿 to quickly climb the ranks. From drug mule to fearsome associate, he would conquer the local territories and get in tight with the likes of Alejandro 索萨, a South American drug lord with the power to insulate 托尼 from the pesky arm of the law, and with his dream girl and best friend in tow, nothing could stop him; except, of course, himself.

在本文中,VHS Revival记录了蒙大拿州’五个简单错误导致的自我毁灭之旅。


蒙大拿州未能说服美国当局他那干净利落的过去后,很快随古巴犯罪浪潮的其余部分被运送到拘留所。直到他和搭档曼尼·里贝拉(Steven Bauer)获得绿卡,以暗杀一个折磨了迈阿密主销兄弟弗兰克·洛佩兹(罗伯特·洛贾)的政治告密者。


由弗兰克成立后’是他的得力助手,蒙大拿州将进入洛佩兹’s crew with the yeyo he managed to salvage from a drug deal gone awry, but 托尼 is less than impressed 通过 his boss’地位,甚至在弗兰克警告自己渴望获得太多东西的饥肠pro时,他的道德准则更是如此。‘那些直飞的人,他们会持续,’ he tells him, ‘但是那些想要全部的人,他们不会’t last.’

合理的建议,但蒙大拿州从来都不是后排。他不仅忽略了弗兰克 ’用智慧的话来说,他开始着手设计要挤在毒品山顶上的壁球, 这一决定有一天证明弗兰克是正确的。 



Of course, 托尼 is not the kind of guy who takes No for an answer, and it isn’在他的矛盾开始伤害他的孩子姐姐之前很久。他要她有钱,但他没有’她在闪光的地方闲逛时喜欢它。他想要她一生,但是当她开始与罪犯讨好时,他就把她打死。他希望她找到幸福,但他赢了’代表任何人碰她。


最终,吉娜(Gina)被吸引到了唯一一个对自己的兄弟免疫的男人’s protective rage, but when it comes to his flesh property, 托尼 is the kind of proud animal who relents for no man, and soon his kid sister is squirming under his oppressive wing, succumbing to a torrent of machine gun fire less than a year after he strolled back into her life.


Early in the movie, Frank Lopez is giving 托尼 the rundown on the dos and don’成功的业务,当嘲讽的埃尔维拉·汉考克(Michelle Pfeiffer)求情时,‘Don’靠自己的供应来赚钱。’当然,并不是每个人都在弗兰克’s life follows the rules, and it is 托尼’对可口可乐的汉考克小姐的浪漫使他走上了毁灭之路。

托尼 蒙大拿 Scarface

As 托尼 tramples over the competition, he is disciplined and savvy, and like the tigers that continue to fascinate him, he always has his eye on the prize. But as his addiction grows so does his paranoia, and soon he is caught up in a legal wrangle which threatens to land him some serious jail time. The only way out of his tangled web is to become entangled in that of Alejandro 索萨 (保罗·谢纳尔(Paul Shenar),以及道德根本不适用的世界。



当国际毒king国王亚历杭德罗·索萨(Alejandro 索萨)决定处置洛佩兹的同伙奥马尔·苏亚雷斯(F.Murray Abraham),蒙大拿州 ’s integrity is questioned. But 蒙大拿 speaks from the heart, and the  sagacious 索萨 is a fine judge of character when it comes to weeding out the slimeballs. 索萨 decides that they can do great business together, and 托尼 is only too happy to form a partnership as he gets ready to usurp his boss, Frank. The two of them form a pact, but 索萨 has a warning for his latest protege, one that even 蒙大拿 knows to take seriously.


All is good between the two until 索萨 lands himself in some political hot soup and asks 托尼 for a favour. He is to fly to New York with one of his associates and assassinate a public speaker intent on exposing his drug empire. 托尼 isn’t keen, but in exchange 索萨 will help him with his own legal wrangle. By now, 托尼 is hitting the drugs hard, and when plans change and 托尼 is expected to blow up a wife and and her children, you know that something has to give.

After refusing to lower his moral standards and subsequently wasting disposal expert Alberto, 托尼 returns home to a call from a furious 索萨, who explains that the man he was supposed to dispose of gave an important speech that may prove detrimental to he and his partners. ‘我很久以前告诉过你,你他妈的小猴子,不要和我他妈的!’正如索萨(Sosa)很快发现的那样,只有到目前为止,在古巴威胁全面战争之前,您可以推动古巴斗牛犬。问题是,只能有一个获胜者,也许这是他一生中第一次没有获胜者’t 托尼.


托尼’最好的朋友曼尼·里贝拉(Manny Ribera)从未真正成为黑帮老大。当然,当需要出现时,他可以用最好的杀了他们,但是他更喜欢女人而不是钱,他宁愿选择一系列设计师牛仔裤,在小鸡身上刻上自己的名字’ asses than he would run a drug empire. But the reality is, 托尼 needs someone like 曼尼 通过 his side, a guy to act as the sober yin to his raging yang. Whenever 托尼 flipped in bouts of unforeseen rage, 曼尼 was always there to lend some soothing advice. When 托尼 was all business, his partner was there to remind him of the fun times, to raise the occasional smile on a face mired in politics. Whenever 托尼 lost it with his precious sister, Gina, 曼尼 was there to pick her up and drive her home.


曼尼(Manny)是一名直率的女招待,但被迫与他的伴侣度过宝贵的时间’他的小妹妹很快就开始改变,在吉娜(Gina)看到了他从未见过的东西。吉娜(Gina)无法与她哥哥下的任何其他人共度时光’s watchful eye, those feelings are soon reciprocated, and before long 托尼 has succeeded in driving the two of them into each other’s arms.

Any reasonable person would be happy with this arrangement, but when 托尼 arrives at a mansion on Coconut Grove and sees his sister and 曼尼 wearing his-and-hers robes, that all-too-familiar rage takes hold, and before he knows it he has gunned down his best friend in cold blood. This is the final step for 蒙大拿, the point of no return. He may be a ruthless loner who cares only about power, but he always had his best friend to fall back on. Sadly, that is no longer the case, and 通过 the time he returns home to his lonely mansion there is nothing left to do but say hello to another, dare I say little, friend.




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